About this Web Page:

The martial arts have an important place in Japanese culture and most Japanese understand the role of a martial arts training center or dojo. Frequently, this is not the case in western society. Many beginning Aikido students attending classes at the UCD Rec Hall are simply "trying it out" and do not know what they want in a martial art or what to expect from training. This web page is designed to aid such students by providing background information that should give the reader at least some idea whether Aikido feels "right." We offer (or will offer - we are in the process of "building" our web page) articles on Aikido and issues related to the practice of the martial arts. We have tried to keep the page free of technical terms, but sometimes the use of such terms is unavoidable. Please consult the Aikido glossary to define any unfamiliar terms.

No apologies for intellectualizing the martials arts. An accomplished Soto Zen master once said of the Rinzai tradition of koans: "If to sit you must think - then think!" In the same spirit: if to practice you must think - then think. Please enjoy what follows and address any questions or comments to the instructor.

Thank you